The InnovatED podcast seeks to furthur the conversation around the future of education. Featuring educators, industry experts and community leaders this podcast will explore the 21st Century Learning Competencies and how they can best prepare students to succeed.

These podcasts will become a space you can come to for rich discussions around the future of work and learning, the future of education, and how educators can innovate to develop future ready students.


Carli & Sandy chat with Laura Briscoe, the Coordinator of Innovation with the Thames Valley District School Board. Hear about her dreams for making innovation accessible to all students and some of the amazing initiatives they have happening in her board.

In this episode Carli & Sandy chat with TDSB Coordinator and School Streaming Abolitionist Jason To. Listen as he debunks the myths around de-streaming and his hopes for students in Ontario as they enter a school year with de-streamed math at the forefront!

In this episode Carli & Sandy chat with Vice Principal of Alternative Education Krista Tucker Pertick and System Administrator Joe Bell about blowing the doors off learning, leveraging community to serve students and thinking way way outside of the box!

Sandy and Carli chat with John Howison, former teacher and new VP of Sunnyside Elementary School in the WRDSB about innovating in the classroom, getting your staff to buy in, and filling your bucket with joy in big and small ways!


Meet Sandy & Carli and hear the story of InnovatED

Talent program manager at Communitech

System Administrator WRDSB

VP of Talent, Academy, and Future of Work at Communitech

Director of Community Impact at Vidyard

In this episode Carli & Sandy chat with Laura Galbraith, Director of Community Impact at Vidyard. We discuss the power of community connection and how to set your students up for success by helping them to discover their true passion.

In this episode Carli and Sandy chat with Anika Guthrie from the Lakehead District School Board. Anika is the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Coordinator and the chair of the Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee. We learn about two way teaching and learning and discuss throwing away the timelines and teaching our students where they are!

Sandy and Carli chat with Nogah Kornberg, Director of I-Think. They talk about being "notebook people" and the value in having students solve real world problems using integrative thinking.

Sandy and Carli chat with Jeremy Hedges, CEO and Founder of InkSmith & The Canadian Shield. Hear about The Canadian Shield's ultimate pivot during the Covid-19 pandemic, taking risks and how experiential learning opened the doors to Jeremy's amazing success story.

Sandy and Carli chat with Andrew Bieronski, TELT and educator extraordinaire with the Waterloo Region District School Board about taking risks, doing things differently and disrupting the system.

Sandy and Carli chat with educator extraordinaire and award winning teacher Rahim Essabhai who is a teacher at John Polanyi CI with the TDSB. We discuss the importance of serving your students by inspiring them to serve others, and the ways that community connection is the true teacher.

Carli and Sandy chat with Jacqueline Newton, Superintendent of Ingenuity & Innovation and Milton schools with the Halton District School Board. We talk about creating a buzz for innovation, bringing others along for the ride and taking risks to help the SHIFT we need to see in education.

Sandy & Carli chat with Rick Pardo, Vice Principal with the TVDSB and former coordinator of Culture & Innovation. Learn about the TVDSB School Within a School Program and the lessons learned from navigating school leadership through the Global Pandemic.

Sandy & Carli chat with Akiesha Absolon-Winchester about her role as the first Indigenous Social Worker with the WRDSB. We learn about Land Based Learning and Two -eyed Seeing, and discuss stepping into discomfort to move from allies to accomplices in fighting systemic racism within our system.

In this episode of the InnovatED podcast, Sandy and Carli chat with Lila Read, the Associate Director of the WRDSB. We discuss the opportunities that have emerged through the shifts of the Global Pandemic, finding the leader in everyone and how Public Education has never been more important than it is today.

Sandy and Carli chat with Vice Principal and 4 Big Questions Host Pamala Agawa about decolonizing education, looking for leadership in different spaces and the power of an authentic mentor!

Sandy & Carli chat with Debbie Donsky, Superintendent of Education with the Toronto District School Board and Host of 4 Big Questions.

Sandy and Carli chat with Jillian Waters and Lisa Hicknell the brains behind the amazing website Bitesized Learning. We talk about the magic of true collaboration and the power of taking the doors off of teaching!

Carli and Sandy chat with the Halton District School Board's Innovation Team, The Shift! Featuring Sarah Nykoruk, Rachel Johnson and Matthew Coleman-The Shift focuses on elevating educators who are innovating in their classes, amplifying the voices of their journey, all while playing with purpose.